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Landmark Tower


BCDH Projects - U2 Tower_001_edited_edit
U2 Tower - Employer’s Requirement

Developing from a competition winning design by BCDH Architects for a new residential tower located at the Eastern end of Sir John Rogersons Quay, this project sought to create a sensational visual landmark entry point to the city. As teh project developed, the original client DDDA  opted to create a joint venture for development.. To facilitate the chosen form of procurement for the U2 Tower, the Employer’s Requirement documentation included a performance specification, general layouts and indicative details for the key areas of the building.  Read in conjunction with the design absolutes this substantial package of information covered all aspects of the proposal and was delivered in a period of 3 months from the award of the Section 25 application.

Client       DDDA

Year         2006

Value       > € - M

Scale       N/A Sq. m.

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