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Malahide Road  


20081119 -West Overhead copy.jpg
Belcamp Lane Neighbourhood Study


Commissioned by Dublin City Council and working in conjunction with Metropolitan Workshops, we carried out a development option study at the Belcamp Lane / Clare Hall crossroads on the Malahide Road. The study sought to

• Suggest a pattern for a viable modern housing / mixed use development which keeps community and place making as its primary target utilising a hierarchy of suitable and generous private, semi private and public spaces mixed with appropriate shops, offices and public buildings.

• Suggest a development master plan, which is sufficiently clear and strong to allow for a degree of flexibility in how it is delivered. This will allow for a phased development with a degree of stimulating variety.

• Utilise the site development as a template for the creation of a new ‘main street’ village centre along the stretch of Malahide Road at Clare Hall. This is to include suggestions for enhancing the existing development on the east side of the road.

• Allow for a range of residential units from older persons housing through own door housing / duplexes and in a variety of apartment layouts for families. These would also include a provision for traveller


• Coherent design: A clear and legible hierarchy of routes and spaces with complementary solutions for vehicular access, cycleways and pedestrian routes linking to existing communities and proposed routes at the transport nodes along Malahide road and through to Clongriffin train station to the East and Darndale to the west.

• Provide a design palette of high quality architectural precedents and design proposal options with a target of outperforming the minimum requirements proposed in the latest revisions to the development plan in terms of unit size, private and public open space to provide a sustainable new community utilising high standards in design and environmental quality in all areas.

Client       Dublin City Council

Year         2006

Value       > € N/A M

Scale       N/A Sq. m.

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